Kingsmen Kava

Direct from Taveuni Fiji to Australia


Our company has been a part of the PALM scheme since 2015. We are an employer of South Pacific Islanders, specialising in placing mostly hospitality staff into jobs in Australia.

One of our chefs who started with us in 2022 comes from the famous island of Taveuni, where his father is the chief of the island, and his brother and uncle are farmers of Kava. They come form a long line of generational Kava farmers.

So, in 2023 we decided to start a partnership with our Fijian friends and import quality Kava directly from the farms of Taveuni to our customers here in Australia.

We are proud of our product, providing quality Kava that is 100% root and is a minimum of 5 years old. We look forward to sharing our Kava with you and your friends.

Our Kava


— Ratu Marika Tokalauvere

Good Quality

This is good quality kava - I am here working on PALM scheme

— Osea Waqa

Great Service

"We ordered, was a little worried but it came 2 days later - great Kava "

— Prashil Sivam Padiyachi


What is Kava? Kava is a plant that comes form the Pacific Islands, where it has been used as a ceremonial drink for over 3,000 years. It'as known for it's relaxing properties and ability to reduce anxiety.

The scientific name for Kava is Piper Methysticum. It's a member of the pepper family, which includes black pepper and other spices like nutmeg and clove.

Kava was originally used during specific custom occasions, such as weddings, village meetings, dispute resolution and appointments of chiefs. In more recent decades its use as a social tonic has increased. So much so, that the majority of people in the Pacific drink Kava at least once a week in a social setting. These social settings including Kava bars or at a family get-together.

Our company is also an Approved Empoyer in the PALM Scheme. We bring chefs and hospitality staff into Australia.

In this picture on the far left is Marika.

Marika comes from Taveuni and his family are all growers of Kava.

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